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How to Renew a Driver’s License in Oklahoma

Need to renew your Oklahoma driver’s license? We have collected helpful information to assist you with the renewal process and make it easier and more convenient.

There are three ways to renew a driver’s license in Oklahoma. You can either do it:

  1. Online application and Checklist download
  2. By mail, if eligible (read below for instructions)
  3. In person at your local DMV office.

Need to renew your Oklahoma driver’s license? We have gathered useful information to assist you with the renewal process and make it easier and more convenient.

There are two ways to renew a driver’s license in Oklahoma. You can either do it:

  1. By mail ( see eligibility and instructions below)
  2. In person at any Driver License Station or with an authorized tag agent at the state. Whether you are applying to renew your driver’s license by mail or in person, it is essential to provide the following documents:

One Primary Proof of Identification

  • U.S. Birth certificate
  • U.S. Valid Passport or Passport Card
  • Military ID
  • Indian Affairs ID
  • Oklahoma State ID
  • Out of State drivers license
  • Unexpired foreign passport with a valid unexpired U.S. Visa ( for non-U.S. Citizens and commercial driver license holders must also provide other proof of legal presence to renew)
  • Valid U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) documents

One Secondary Proof of Identification

  • An affidavit signed by parent or legal guardian if the person is under 18.
  • Photo ID from college, public school, technical school or employer
  • Oklahoma gun permit, fishing or  pilot license or voter’s ID
  • Social Security Card
  • Federal state or local government documents such as licenses, assessments or receipts
  • Marriage Certificate, Deed property, Health Insurance Policy, Professional License or Diploma

Renewal by Mail

To renew a driver’s license in Oklahoma via mail:

1. Send a check or money order, the check or money order must be writen out to Division of Motor Vehicles.
2. Include Proof of Social Security number
3. Photocopy of insurance card. The insurance card must show that there is liability coverage.

Note: If the driver is not the owner of the vehicle and does not have proof of insurance, then he or she will need to enclose a non-ownership of a motor vehicle affidavit along with the other documents.

To renew by mail you need to send a request letter to the DPS. Follow the steps to make sure your letter meets requirements and reaches the DPS on time:

  • Provide your date of birth, full name and driver’s license number.
  • Also include your Oklahoma address and your out-of-state address.
  • A copy of two proofs of identification. 
  • A payment of $21.50 payable to the Department of Public Safety.

If you have a Class D license DPS will only allow you to renew by mail if you’re temporarily out of state and:

  • License is not expired.
  • Your driving privileges are not under investigation
  • Current license is not a “Valid without Photo” license.

Send everything to:

Department of Public Safety
Driver License Examining, Renewal By Mail
P.O. Box 11415
Oklahoma City, OK 73136

Renewal in Person

Resident’s of Oklahoma that has a driver’s license can renew in person at any Driver License Station or with an authorized tag agent at the state.

  • Proof of identification (also include your birth certificate, if license is expired).
  •  Make a payment of $21.50 fee
  • Make an appointment with your local driver license exam station, or inquire the clerk about the best time to arrive. Do not forget to bring your driver’s license.

Renewal Fees

  • Class A and B: $41.50
  • Class C: $31.50
  • Name change and address if your license is lost, damaged, or destroyed and if you add or remove an endorsement or restriction to your license there is also a fee. The fee for each endorsement is $4.

When to renew your Driver’s License

  • Normally Oklahoma Licenses have a validity of four years from the date of issue.
  • The license can be renewed up to six months before it expires.

Suspension versus Revocation

A suspension is just a temporary loss of the opportunity to drive.  State may reinstate your driving rights after a certain period of time or by paying your fine. In some cases, you may be able to restore your driving privilege by fixing a certain issue you’ve had against the law.

Revocation is a manner of disciplining a driver and protecting the community. If your license is revoked, it means that you are no longer allowed to drive. A revoked license is generally permanent for a fixed period of time as set by law. They may require you to re-take the driver’s license knowledge and skills test and there may be a court hearing concerning the reinstatement of license.

Rules for Older Drivers

Oklahoma State reduced the license fees ages 62-64 and waived the fees for driver’s whose age is 65 and older. Senior drivers will still follow the standard steps in obtaining or renewing licenses. No need to take vision, road or written test.

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